Merry Christmas with the Koala Baby

Christmas is coming again. My year was hectic and turbulent – but now I have a few days off and I enjoy the quiet days between the years.

There is one more thing that is very important to me: I want to say THANK YOU today: Thank you for your messages, your praise and the lovely comments!!!

AND – there is also a small Christmas present for you: A Koala Baby

Here are some information about the little ones. A koala baby is at birth about 2 cm long, blind and naked. The baby is six to seven months in the mother’s pouch and it is up to one year suckled.The Koala child can stay up to three years with the mother, provided there is no sibling at this time.Koala babies are super cute and a koala in a romper is just amazingly adorable. What do you think?

Here you can find the PDF pattern: Koala

I have faced many fears this year and have taken on a number of challenges. That makes it a very good year for me. I will spend my Christmas with loved ones and use the quiet time to pause and review the past.

I wish you an unforgettable, contemplative, peaceful Christmas with many beautiful moments.

Lots of Love,

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