The Miniami House

I love dollhouses! As a child I wanted one of this wonderful houses. Unfortunately, my family did not have enough financial resources in order to buy a dollhouse.

But I still got a dollhouse: My mother made one for me out of shoeboxes and I glued and painted everything. I was very happy about my house which looked so beautiful and I played many hours with it.

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Amigurumi Water World

Shortly I wanted to introduce my new design, but unfortunately my forefinger is swollen and very painful. I have waited for the last few days, but I think I have to go to a doctor. Let’s see what he says – but I can already imagine what he will say:

No crocheting 🙁

Therefore I just surf on the Internet, where I’ve discovered wonderful free patterns for Amigurumi with the theme of the water world, which I’d like to show you:

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