A bed for the Princess

My niece wanted a little princess. We had a few ideas on how she should look like and what kind of clothes she wears. And we wanted to show the daily routine of a princess here on the blog: She wakes up in the morning, puts on

Wait a minute … what was that again, she wakes up but we don’t have a  bed for her! It was obvious that we needed a royal bed. I had crocheted a small Baby cot (the manual can be found here), but to crochet a big bed takes time and and I had doubts if it will look like a princess bed. So we needed a solution, if possible a quick and cheap one and we agreed to use shoe boxes.

You will find the instruction for the bed out of shoe boxes as a PDF download at the end of the post.

Let’s start with this


That’s how it looks in between …


and here is the result:

DSCN9654 - Kopie

Of course, the girls all came by to see the bed (and test it)


and because it was soooo much fun to make a bed, I also wanted a counterpart to the princesses bed: A bed for Wednesday Addams! It should look dark and mysterious as you can see, her favorite color is black!DSCN9685 - Kopie

DSCN9774 - KopieI made Wednesday with the pattern of the autumn girls, here. The dress is also from this pattern, I have changed only the last row 07 and used picots there. The collar and the wig are from the Bling Bling Doll Wednesday, here.

Even Wednesday had visitors and they tested whether they all fit into the bed it was possible and they still had space for the princess.


Handicraft instruction: A Bed for the Princess

Well, and then the princess wanted to get dressed, but we had no wardrobe – and it was obvious: We needed a wardrobe which you will see in the next post.


6 thoughts on “A bed for the Princess”

  1. Weel done! It’s beautiful and I’m longing for the wardrobe. And above all I love to see how you did it. It’s so inspiring and watching how you made something so pretty out of nothing is just exciting and fun.

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