A dog for Emily ♥

The days are getting longer and temperatures are rising rapidly. I spend a lot of time in my two gardens. In one garden, which lies just outside the village, you can find various fruit trees and vines but there are also lettuce and herbs.

I call him rhubarb garden, because this year I have planted a rhubarb plant (imported from Germany, I couldn’t find it here in Greece) and I sincerely hope that the plant feels comfortable.

In the past days, my husband and I have planted new vines there. If you look very closely, then you can see them in the background on the first picture.
On the left picture you can see a newly planted vine, a water bottle is dug down into the ground and this drains water directly to the roots.
Right: my small, but beloved rhubarb.


In the second garden, located on a hill above Soufli, solely vines are planted. On the picture below you can already see the first grapes.



One evening, my best friend Nina visited me and she had a surprise for Emily: Three sweet puppies!!!

The puppies played happily in the garden and I called Emily.


Emily was excited about the three puppies. She sat down right away and played with them.

Then I made a Dog Bag for the little ones.

The puppies felt very comfortable and were quite calm…


and Emily was also happy because now she was able to take her puppies everywhere


Pattern: Puppy with Dog Bag

Nina wrote the pattern for the puppies and I thank her with all my heart for this surprise! This year you will get to see more of her wonderful patterns.
In the next post you can find a basic equipment for the puppies and maybe a house.

Be surprised,
see you soon, Karin



13 thoughts on “A dog for Emily ♥”

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment! I have planted the rhubarb underneath a chestnut tree and I think it is too much shadow there. It grows kind of slow and I think I will replace the plant.

    1. I had so much fun crocheting the puppies from Nina. It is very easy to crochet and kind of relaxing. Only sewing the parts together is a little bit tricky. I also love the Dog Bag because it is not a round shape and the puppy fits perfectly in it. Thanks for the nice comment.

  1. It is not warm enough here yet to do planting but a lot of plants are in bloom, lots of green now. Next month it will be safe to put in flowers, garden veggies and such. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place you live in. And for sharing Emily’s adventures as well.

    1. Hello, the dress is new, but not for her. Before I have crocheted Emily with Catania wool I made a doll with a bigger wool. I crocheted this dress for her, so the dress is a little bit too big for Emily, which you can’t see on the pictures 🙂 I’m happy that you like this post!!! Thanks for the sweet comment!

  2. Hi, I love every one of your patterns. You are very talented.
    Could you tell me how I could EMILY PATTERN ?
    None of the links on your page work. They keep saying 404 page can not be found. Help Please & Thank you

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