A Frog with a Dream

The idea for a frog came from Claudia in Germany. One of the first amigurumi that I designed, was a little frog. Nothing fancy, but Daniela saw the picture on my Facebook page and asked me if I had a pattern for the frog.

I searched in my old notes and was so happy, when I saw that I still had the pattern. But the pattern was written quite confused, so I started to make a new design and somehow I ended up with this frog with a Diving Equipment 🙂


He can stand with his fins, if you stuff enough fiberfill in the legs, he has an open mouth, and – this is really new he can move his eyes.

The eyes are not sewn to the head, they are held only by the eye lid. Of course, this frog also has a story and it starts at the beach of Alexandroupolis in Greece.

Have I told you about my last trip to the sea? No? Then settle down and I’ll tell you all about it.054
A few weeks ago, I took a trip to the sea, to recover a little from everyday life. I was walking for about an hour along the beach and was about to turn back, when I discovered a frog.

He sat alone on a rock, staring at the sea. He seemed sad, so I did not want to disturb him. I watched him for a while, but finally I decided to talk to him. Perhaps a few comforting words would help him and so I teased him by saying: “Fairly large pond for such a small frog like you.”
He continued to stare at the sea, and he answered: “Don’t waste your breath, what you see here, is my dream.”


“But you’re a frog, just jump in and swim a few rounds”, I said a little surprised.
“I could, but I want to see the underwater world and go into the depths of the ocean. I want to see animals and plants, which has never seen a frog before.”
“No problem, I know a solution”, I said. He raised his head and looked at me and paid attention to me for the first time.

“Look”, he said, “I do not know if you’ve already noticed this, but I’m a frog! And I’ll stay a frog even if you kiss me!”
He smiled just a little. I liked that, he had a sense of humor.
I approached him and pursed my lips for a kiss. “It’s worth a try,” I said and gave him a wink.071

“You devil you, stay where you are and don’t come any closer”, he raised his hands in the air, trying to scare me away.
I just laughed and said “now but seriously, there is a special suit that allows us humans to dive into the depths of the sea.”

“Could you help me to find this suit?” he asked timidly and looked at me sweetly.
Honestly, I just could not say no and therefore I said, “I’ll try, but I cannot promise anything.”
050 (2)

So I made my way into the city and searched everywhere. I had already given up hope, but then I asked for this in a old fishing shop and I was lucky. (Which way came this diving equipment into the store und who made it? That‘s another story …)

I paid and rushed back to the beach. The frog was still sitting there, where I had left him a few hours before.


“By the way”, he said, “my name is Jack”.
“Nice to meet you”, “my name is Karin”, I handed him my fingers to shake his hand.
“Listen, Jack, I have found a suit for you and I hope you can use it. I’ll tell you how it all works and then you can start your marine research.
His eyes lit up and soon he was fully kitted up in front of me.

“Thank you”, he said to me, “I’ll never forget what you have done for me”.
“Just one more thing”, I said quickly, before he dived into the water.

“Please be very careful, there are lots of animals in the water that would love to eat you.
“You know”, he said “I will take this risk, I’d rather regret my mistake, than think about why I did not try it.”


“Maybe you have not enough time to repent, so take care of yourself and good luck!
He waved, then he hopped towards the sea and in a moment he had completely disappeared.

I thought of that night long after this meeting. Sure, the frog took a big risk, but he followed his dream, how impossible it seemed at first, but finally he was able to realize it.

007 (2)

♥ Follow your dreams and amilovesgurumi!  ♥


Pattern for Jack and the Diving Equipment:
Jack, the frog

11 thoughts on “A Frog with a Dream”

  1. I can’t decide what I love more, the cute little frog and his diving gear or the lovely story. And your moving eyeball idea is fantastic! You’ve really outdone yourself this time, my friend. Everything is just wonderful. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I put a lot of work in this, but at the end I was so happy how it turned out. Just a little note “behind the scene”: I have made the divng suit for the frog and then I realized he don’t have a mouth where I can put in the mouthpiece from the diving tank 🙂 Then I tried to crochet an open mouth (which I never tried before) and it worked.

  2. My heart has been stolen by you Karin, and Jack. A story like this just makes it so much more special. Thank you thank you

    1. It is so nice to read that you also love the story. Sometimes I have a story and I crochet an amigurumi for it, but this time I had crocheted the frog, then I looked at him and.the story came in my mind.

  3. Great little frog, great story and great reminder to “follow your dreams!” The following of one’s dreams is what keeps life fresh and sparkly! Love the diving gear!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I love to hear that you also like the story. I had planned to write a little bit more about dreams and wishes because some people believe that their wishes will come true if they only say them often enough in the correct manner. I think sometimes it stops them to reach their goal, because they are only waiting for a miracle to happen in their live. But at the end I let the story talk for itself.

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