A Santa Claus in the chimney

There are only a few more weeks until Christmas and the searching for Christmas gifts has begun.

And maybe you need also a small gift for St. Nicholas Day. Or you play Secret Santa or have colleagues, friends, dear people whom you want to give a small gift. Kindergarten festivals, school parties, celebration with colleagues the list is endless.


The 6th December in Greece is “just” a name day. Unfortunately! But I keep the tradition up and give to my friends and family a small gift. It is always a great pleasure – on both sides.

There is still enough time until St. Nicholas Day and that’s why I planned to tinker a little something plus a tiny crocheted piece. The result is the Santa Claus in the chimney with little socks and gloves.
You can find the patterns and the template for the roof with chimney at the end of the post. It is very easy: Print the templates, copy the lines to colored cardboard, cut it out, fold and glue everything together and put some cotton and a Santa Clause inside.

This gift is versatile because if you don’t have a lot of time, you can just tinker the chimney and put a chocolate Santa Claus inside.

If you have more time available, then you can crochet the small glove or the sock and attach a key ring. And if you want, you can also put some money or a USB stick into the sock

DSCN0374You can also wrap the key ring in red transparent foil and attach it to the Santa Claus.


PDF-Pattern: Little socks and gloves

Handicraft instructions for the house: Roof and Chimney

Have fun and see you soon!

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