A table seldom comes alone

Because we needed a table in the Miniami house, I went with Hermione and Murphy on a shopping trip. We walked crisscross through our town and searched in almost every shop, (we even asked the butcher) but couldn’t find anything.

bild soufli 1

Actually we wanted to give up, but Hermione asked me to take a look at the new store at the far end of town. Oh see for yourself, there is everything you can imagine and we even found three tables.

bild shop2

I made only one mistake: I allowed Hermione and Murphy to choose the table.

Bild 3
bild 4
bild 5
Bild 6

I had to stop them before they destroyed everything in the store: No TV tonight and early to bed!”

bild 7

This immediately was effective.

bild 8

Then the nice and very patient lady there asked us, if we want to have one of the tables.

bild 9

She packed everything – even Hermione and Murphy – in a beautiful box and so this day came to an (almost) peaceful end.

bild 10

And here is the pattern: Mini-table

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