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In the last post I wrote that I organize a seminar for the women here in the village. I am so glad that I have dared to take this step, because I had enough to worry:

“I do not speak the language correctly and sometimes I can not translate the things I want to say, the translations of the instructions into Greek might contain mistakes, the speech in front of a group could become embarrassing, what if no one comes ” … and so on.

The fact is, there were over 10 women visiting the seminar, with whom I laughed so much that I came home exhausted but happy in the evening. And yes – I have made many language errors, but I have been understood. There was no mistake in the instructions, but I was making a mistake with all the nervousness (in the very first hour) and everyone – yes, everyone! – had to unravel the second row.

Embarrassing, but you know what? You get over it. And now I’m proud of myself.

Currently we crochet this blanket (English pattern): Ravelry

The blanket is made out of squares with different patterns. It is a lot of fun to get to know the stitches for the squares – the difficulty is somewhere between simple and medium. Also you can find at Red Heart a lot of very helpful pictures that explain the stitches step by step.
I’m not finished with my blanket, but so far it looks like this:

This is a colorful version of the blanket from Nina, which she made out of many wool residues:
For the first time, I was also confronted with blocking crocheted pieces. The simplest solution: Styrofoam with kebabs. Here is my inexpensive design:
And I got a big package from Eva and her mother (THANK YOU!!!) from Germany who donated a lot of wool for the crochet group.
Some more news: I have started a second blog, which I call Amigurumi University :). There you can find links to tricks and tips from other blogs.
If you have the feeling that the one or other tip should be linked, please send me a message to

I would be so happy about your tips, because I want this blog to be a community project of all the Amigurumi fans.

I thank you for your help and wish you a wonderful February
That`s the way to Amigurumi University

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    1. It was and still is a great experience. I had to do something different this year because I did not have much energy for my blog. Over the last years I had too much hours sitting and designing with wool (which I usually enjoy very much) and too much hours in front of my computer. I wish you a wonderful week and happy crocheting!

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