Amigurumi Water World

Shortly I wanted to introduce my new design, but unfortunately my forefinger is swollen and very painful. I have waited for the last few days, but I think I have to go to a doctor. Let’s see what he says – but I can already imagine what he will say:

No crocheting 🙁

Therefore I just surf on the Internet, where I’ve discovered wonderful free patterns for Amigurumi with the theme of the water world, which I’d like to show you:

English Patterns


Ocean Turtle from Kathrin Bardeleben on Ravelry

 This beautiful Starfish is designed by Sabrina Boscolo on Ravelry

BB Mermaids

 The pattern for this very cute Mermaid is on AmigurumiBB’s blog

Olive the Crochet Octopus Puzzle Pattern Olive Crochet Octopus Puzzle
Smart crocheting: Octopus on Look at what I made


Cute Seahorse and other nice patterns on Mausica’s Magical Menagerie

Very nice shark by Erika Olimpiew on Ravelry

Great Diver pattern on Yarn Yuleps on the Veranda

Free pattern for a Whale on Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)

Check out this nice Manta Ray on Roman Sock’s blog

Nice Blue Lobster at Karabouts

If you have a free pattern or you know about another nice pattern with the theme water world, I would be so happy to put the link in this collection. Thank you and have fun crocheting these wonderful Amigurumi!!!!

8 thoughts on “Amigurumi Water World”

    1. Fortunately, my finger is no longer painful. But I will take a break from crocheting for a few more days. Finally we have summer and there are so many other things that I can enjoy: swimming in the sea, drinking cocktails, walking, discovering foreign countries, visiting festivals , buying shoes … – but after all: I miss crocheting 🙁
      Get well soon and I wish you also a quick recovery!

  1. Oh my..this year is crazy for both of us. I am still trying to catch up since I was ill and last time we spoke you got skin rash by new cat you brought home. Now finger!? Hope you are doing better by now. Will catch up with you by mail. Stay good my dear friend and take good care.

    1. I’m so happy that everything is ok now and I can crochet my Amigurumi. I was following your blog and I have read that you had some problems with your health too. So I hope you are better now and I wish you a good health.

  2. Hello!
    I have one Amigurumi that you made. It’s an Owl. I bought it at Resobox Gallery , here in New York. I just want to say thank you for making this “Tiny Owl”! It’s perfect and well made.
    I enjoyed your webpage here too.
    So thanks!

    1. Oh, thank you so much for this comment! It made me happy and I am very glad, that you like the tiny owl and bought it. I wish I could be in New York and visit the room with the Amigurumi from all over the world. It must be amazing. Have fun with the owl and a lot of greetings from Greece!

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