Ankh, the key of life

DSCN0646DSCN0649As a support for the coming year I crocheted a protection symbol: the Ankh. the oldest, symbolic religious cross.

The ankh can be found at almost all the temples, murals and burial sites in Egypt and was already used around 2650 BC.

The Ankh consists of a cross with a circle. The circle represents the beginning of the universe, the wholeness of life, the spiritual and eternity. The cross combines this energy with the matter and brings it to life.

DSCN0654It is said that the Ankh has special properties: It should give vitality and protect against bad energies. But ultimately it is about the knowledge between truth and falsehood, between wisdom and delusion, about the sense and nonsense of earthly existence and the spiritual freedom or mental dependence.

You can use it as keychain or a bag charm and it is a wonderful gift, because it represents so many postive things: regeneration, creativity, knowledge, health, happiness and wealth, and the harmonization of male and female energies.


You can find the pattern here: Ankh

DSCN0633This is my last post this year. I will put my crochet hook aside and bake cookies, decorate the house and spend a lot of time with my family.

I am grateful for all the wonderful experiences and encounters that I made this year and for your willingness to share your time a little with me.

I thank you for all the lovely comments that motivated me and gave me a lot of joy.

I wish you in the New Year: A wonderful partnership, inner and outer wealth, DSCN0669health, good friends, joy and lightness and of course many beautiful and relaxing crocheting hours!

And of course I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With love,  Karin

6 thoughts on “Ankh, the key of life”

  1. Thank you for a wonderful year full of amazing stories and patterns! May your Christmas be truly merry and full of family warmth! *hugs from Poland*

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