Autumn Love

Autumn is my favorite season: The nature is full of colors and now there are things that I love: pumpkins, chestnuts, walnuts and apple pie!

The walks with my dogs are terrific, the nature is bathed in golden light, the falling leaves are beautiful to look at and they rustle so wonderfully when passing through them.

Here in the wild and beautiful nature I love to walk with my dogs.


Well, where are they?


May I introduce: Chester and Henry.


On our walk we saw huge pumpkins 147

and met a homeless dog


They chased each other up and down the hills until they finally became friends.


But then, can you already see it? On the tree branch sits something, and it does not look like a bird!?


As I approached, I saw them: A frog and a panda! What the two are doing out here on a tree? I asked them and they gave me this answer:: “We enjoy the view” 🙂

(Oh, this answer throws up just as many questions as it answers.)
The panda is called Fu Hu and the frog, ahem, sorry, Mrs. frog is called Carla. I invited them to the Miniami house and I hope that the two will visit us soon.


After such a long autumn walk it is best to snuggle up in warm blankets and to drink a hot tea. Or it is a good time to read a fascinating book, or of course to crochet.

I was looking for a shawl pattern that is easy and I don’t have to count stitches. That was important for me because I’m still a beginner with crocheting clothes and I wanted to relax when I make the shawl.
The shawl is crocheted from the center out to the outside, so you can enlarge or reduce the shawl as required. I combined completely different yarns.
Mohair gradient in different shades of green and grey, a black wool with sequins and for the border and for the fringe I used fillet Family Delfino, a fantasy yarn. And because I was soooo happy with the result, I crocheted a matching hat 🙂
The patterns can be found at DROPS Design in several languages. Underneath the picture of the shawl you can change the language.


Drops Design: shawl with tr-groups in 2 strands:
Rosalyn shawl and the hat: Morning Frost

Pattern for the Frog: Carla


Pattern for the Panda: Fu Hu

3 thoughts on “Autumn Love”

  1. I love everything about this post, Karin. Autumn, dogs, crochet, and amigurumi! Chester, Henry and their new friend are so adorable, and so are Carla and Fu Hu (ha ha! love that name!). The shawl’s very pretty too; too bad big projects scare me. 🙁 Thanks for the lovely post. Enjoy your autumn.

    1. Thank you! This was my first big crochet project and it took me almost a year to finish. The pattern was very easy to follow and and I loved to crochet with these dark colors – it was a relaxing break from the colorful Amigurumi.

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