Autumn with Cat, Fish Bones and Tsipouro

In autumn begins my busiest time of the year, the harvest season. In my garden I pick apples, plums, quinces and grapes and I have a lot to do to process the fruit and often I just give them away 🙂

This year we had many grapes and my husband and I decided to make wine and Tsipouro (grape brandy).

What is Tsipouro and how is it made? For me that was a completely new topic, the world of spirits distillery.

After harvesting, we squeezed the grapes and filled them in large containers. The grapes were about 30 days inside and the sugar fermented into alcohol. The juice became wine and from the fermented grapes we made Tsipouro.

Tsipouro is usually served as an aperitif, along with olives, meatballs, Tsatsiki and other delicious things. Sometimes it is used as a home remedy, especially for stomach upset and colds.

To make Tsipouro the grapes are heated in a cauldron. The vapors passes via a tube and get cooled at its end. Thereby, the steam becomes liquid again and drops into a container. After that you should repeat the process again to remove residues.

My husband and I found the whole process exciting and we were very happy when we had our first Tsipouro after about 30 hours of distillation.

Despite all the work I was able to crochet an amigurumi. I crocheted a little toy for cats, which is close to my last pattern, a fish: A fish bone

The parts for the fish bone are crocheted quickly, only the sewing of the fish bones requires a little patience.

My cat loves loves to play with it – and I love to play with my cat.

My cat is very funny. When I crochet, she sits on my lap and is very interested in the things I do.

Once a thread falls to the ground, she plays very wild with it and is soooo happy. Of course, there are a lot of threads falling to the ground 🙂

I have seen many pictures on the internet, where cats and crocheting made a good team. What about you, do you have a cat and what does your cat do, when you crochet?

I would love to write an article about it and publish your pictures, do you send me yours? I would be very happy!!! Send them to k., Thanks a lot!

And here is the pattern for the fish bone, have fun!
Crochet Pattern: Fish Bone



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