Bling Bling Dolls

The Bling Bling dollsare Amigurumi with pearls for arms and legs. They strum and sparkle, rock and twist, in short, they are very funny and it is a quick crochet project.

So there is plenty of time for all the other summer activities! I want to crochet different characters from books and movies and I’m very excited to post here the first instruction for a Bling Bling Doll“.


Do you know the movie “The Addams Family“? Mother Morticia and Father Gomez have a very intimate and unusual love relationship, the grandmother likes to cook the cat and the children Pugsley and Wednesday spend their days, trying to kill each other.

014 - Kopie

I felt in love with the girl “Wednesday“. She is a serious girl with a strange sense of humor and she permanently wants to  injure or kill her brother.

Many times her plans are working, but Pugsley, her brother, never dies. Wednesday is usually dressed in black and she says of her favorite color Black”: I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour“.


Wednesday is curious and puts her nose everywhere, but be careful, who knows what she plans this time …


I wish you much fun with Wednesday, you can use various pearls, maybe other colors (a darker one?) and please show me your work, that makes me happy!

The next doll also wears braids, but they are red. Do you know her?




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