Blog Birthday and a look behind the scenes

Bloggeburtstag 004A few days ago my girlfriend Nina surprised me with this sweet Amigurumi cake for my 2nd Blog birthday. I was very happy about it, and I wanted to show you this wonderful cake!

Two years ago I wrote the first post, and since then, I have written more than 47 articles and made almost as many instructions.

Meanwhile, I have received more than 250 comments from you! Thank you for your loyalty, your comments, and that you have been with me all this time!

Soon you can download the next pattern, but today I wanted to show you, the (sometimes) difficult way to a small pattern 🙂 For the Autumn girl I had three ideas: Two girls picking mushrooms, at school or with an umbrella. I decided to make the umbrella and but see for yourself:


First try: I have made the umbrella with increase in each round, up to the next-to-last row. The last row I crocheted in the back loops, which I wanted to sew inside to stabilize the shape.

What I did not like: The umbrella rod: I have used 5 x single crochet for the round, but compared to the dolls it looked too thick. The shape looked like a circus tent. I have pulled pipe cleaners in the rod, that was OK, but everything wobbled too much. I had to try something else.


DSCN9410Second try: Made with Tapestry crochet, last round in the back loops sewn inside. This time everything is very firmly, but still I did not crochet the rod, because the result also was disappointing!

What I did not like: Unfortunately, the form has become even more pointed and angular. Crocheting with Tapestry technique is also not so easy, you have to be careful that the thread, that is not in use, is crocheted inside. That means, another try now a little nervous because I didn’t know what to do next.

I have played with the umbrella and turned it, in the hope of an idea. And yes it worked!  I saw that the shape changes when the umbrella is turned outward – that could be a solution.


Third try: Umbrella rod crocheted with 4 x sc in the round, the back side of the stitches are facing outward, everything else alike. The crocheted rod was now too narrow and I was not able to pull a pipe cleaner inside.
I tried it with a wooden skewer and this brought stability. Only the connection between rod and umbrella was still shaky. I made another crocheted piece and sewed it inside. Finally, it looks like an umbrella, but (you know it already)

What I did not like: Too complicated. Making the rod is a Bonebreaker and you do not know if you are able to push in a wooden stick inside. The last round, which is sewn inside, don’t look so great and the piece between rod and umbrella is a bit inconvenient. 

Then again I have tried some other ideas, and finally:

The Umbrella: Hurra, done! This time I crocheted only the beginning and end of the rod and I have made the last row of the umbrella with two threads. I improved the connection between the rod and umbrella (I can finally sleep again, lol)

Regenschirm 016

Regenschirm 011







So soon here at Amilovesgurumi the Autumn girls with the umbrella! But maybe you don’t need the pattern – because you know now all about the mistakes you can make ;)


5 thoughts on “Blog Birthday and a look behind the scenes”

  1. That is a lovely cake your friend made for you and I enjoyed reading your umbrella adventures very much. What a difference inside or outside can make! Also I love the look of the wood with the crochet. I must remember that. Perfect! 😀

    1. My heart was dancing when I saw the cake. You know somebody really cares for you, when they crochet a gift! Soon I will have the umbrella pattern here and you will be able to have a second look and try it out yourself or even make it better!

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