A Minotaur in New York


The Amigurumi exhibition in New York (http://resobox.com/amigurumi-artists-15/) begins on 11 December. I take part and my little package is already on the way there.

This time the organizers of the exhibition wanted to show how the Amigurmi culture is developing in each area of the world and they asked for a characteristic or feature of the country or local area.

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The Little Crab Coconut – Part 2

Now finally the story from Marianne Efinger continues – and this time I have a lot of patterns. In the past three weeks it was pretty hectic for me I had a lot of work in the laboratory and even a lot more work in the vineyard.

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The Little Crab Coconut – Part 1

I am so happy with this story from Marianne Efinger, a children’s book author, which she wrote for my blog and all amigurumi fans. The story is about a crab which is quite unhappy about her shell and an octopus, who wishes to help her.

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Madagaskar and its lemurs

On a beautiful and far away island with rainforests and deserts, mangrove forests and palm beaches there you will find lemurs. The name of the island is Madagascar. Many species of lemurs live there, but the most famous (probably because of the movie with the same name) are the gray ring-tailed lemurs with their black and white striped tails.

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