Blog Birthday and a look behind the scenes

Bloggeburtstag 004A few days ago my girlfriend Nina surprised me with this sweet Amigurumi cake for my 2nd Blog birthday. I was very happy about it, and I wanted to show you this wonderful cake!

Two years ago I wrote the first post, and since then, I have written more than 47 articles and made almost as many instructions.

Meanwhile, I have received more than 250 comments from you! Thank you for your loyalty, your comments, and that you have been with me all this time!

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Amigurumi Water World

Shortly I wanted to introduce my new design, but unfortunately my forefinger is swollen and very painful. I have waited for the last few days, but I think I have to go to a doctor. Let’s see what he says – but I can already imagine what he will say:

No crocheting 🙁

Therefore I just surf on the Internet, where I’ve discovered wonderful free patterns for Amigurumi with the theme of the water world, which I’d like to show you:

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Roses for Anastasia and Dimitrios

My beloved friends, Anastasia and Dimitrios, celebrated their civil marriage this weekend. I made a special gift for their planned trip to Paris: I took the instructions for a rose brooch by Daniela Herbertz, and then I made seven roses and attached them on a basket.

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A few weeks ago my friend came over for a visit with her little daughter. We had a great time chatting and laughing and her daughter played happily all evening with my Amigurumi.

Just before they left she came over, looked up at me coyly with her big blue eyes and timidly asked me, “Could you please make me one too?”Of course I said “Yes”, I love this cute little thing so how could I refuse such a request? So I asked, “And what kind of Amigurumi would you like to have?”

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