Crazy juggling!

Looking for an idea for a different Easter gift (yes, I’ve already thought of it – finally everything has to be crocheted – and that takes time), I found a very interesting page: Crochet Sphere Calculatoran invention of Alexander Avtanski.

You enter into the calculator how many stitches your ball should have in the diameter and – bang – you get a guide for the perfect ball.

This perfect ball is ideal for juggling balls. And therefore a different gift for the Easter season. Unfortunately I cannot juggle, I take them as a massage ball for the hands and they are also suitable as a pincushion . But don’t combine this last two suggestions. 😉

May I introduce to you: The Whole Gang

Of course, they also got their seat:

And in particular:

The happy Musicman

Jack – he’d also like to play the Easter Bunny one time

Unfortunately, the green ball has a headache

Minion, often crocheted, but you rarely saw him so chubby

Maybe this one is a little bit difficult for juggling because of his ears. You can’t see it here, but he also has a tail.

And Hannibal (he’s a star, you can find him in the movie “The Silence of the Lambs”)

… and all together once again

Have fun crocheting, juggling, massaging, throwing and whatever you can think of to do with them.

The pattern: Juggling Balls

Thank you, Alexander Avtanski, for your wonderful invention!

11 thoughts on “Crazy juggling!”

  1. Oh my, Karin these are fabulous! What a great idea and wonderful job you’ve done here.
    Can’t pick out just one and say this one I like more than others, when all are just fabulous.
    😀 wheee! Great work!
    Thank you

    1. Hello Steph, thanks for the comment. I try my best – I’m not an english native speaker so it is kind of hard for me. But I have also a lot of fun, because the english language makes it possible to communicate with people all over the world.

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