Daddy is expecting a baby

Can a man get pregnant?
Yes … – if it is a seahorse. Seahorses are the only animals in the world where males carry babies. When two seahorses find each other, a long love and romantic dance begins. They rub their cheeks together and hold hands, oops, I mean they hook their tails together. Then the female puts her eggs in the belly pocket of the male. Once fully developed, they hatch and go foraging by themselves.


Seahorses are absolutely fascinating! I made a ragdoll pattern for you. These seahorses are cute, they work up quickly and this makes them perfect for a bazaar or a quick gift. It could be a decoration for the bathroom, or a wall hanging for the nursery, or a gift for little princesses.

Here’s an example of how you can create one for your little princess:
or for a little researcher. For this one, I’ve just crocheted each row into the back loops only (except the head):DSCN4628Aor just to test the color gradient of a yarn 🙂DSCN4609A

Oh, the seahorses are addictive! I was curious how it would look like … with blue or yellow or how about a little sparkle … and I was back at crocheting. I hope you feel the same!!! Just send me pictures of your seahorses, then I can finally stop, hi hi.

Crochet Pattern PDF: Seahorse

I wish you a happy new year and many wonderful hours with your loved ones ♥
(and if you also want to create some funny pictures, have a look here: Photofunia


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