Easter Memories

I have a lot of fondest Easter memories as a child. Of course, coloring Easter eggs were one of my favorite things to do at Easter. But one time we kids (there were three of us) got a very great gift: Roller skates!

My very first roller skates still had leather straps and you had to strap them around your own shoe. Actually, that was very practical, because on big hills I was able to take them off and just walk. (I had difficulties with controlling the speed going downhill)

We practiced roller skating every dayWe walked a few steps, lost the balance, felt down and stood up again – and it was wonderful. Our knees and hands were hurting, because we had no protectors, but that did not bother me, I was just very happy.

Some time later I got skates where the shoes were firmly connected with the wheels. There were two wheels in front and two in back and a stopper (brake) that was attached in front. You could go pretty fast with them, but I found that driving the curves was more difficult.

How the idea started to make the roller skates for the Miniami House residents:
Well, first the girls wanted to have shoes.

Then the boys grumbled and I made a couple of boots for them.

And I thought: What if I would be able to put on wheels/beads to the boots … I found a way and the Miniami roller skates were born.

The boys and girls had a lot of fun with them: They walked a few steps, lost the balance, felt down and stood up again ..

Here you can see the first successes.

Then they took a short break.

And they had a really nice time, but at the end of the day, the hands and knees were hurting – you know already: no protectors 🙁

Have a wonderful and happy week!

PDF-Pattern: Ballerinas, Boots and Roller Skates


14 thoughts on “Easter Memories”

    1. Thank you Sharon. Yes, Easter is full of surprises. Another funny thing we did in Germany: on a meadow we played with the colored eggs and we threw them as far as we could. When the egg was not broke, you won this game. I remember that my eggs were always broken so I had to eat them all.

  1. I remember those roller skates with leather straps in front! My first ones were like that too! 😀 They made huge noise when skating.
    Great post and wonderful idea and pattern!

    1. I took the roller skates away. It was not the scraped knees I’m worried about (I still have a lot of wool to fix that problem), but they got wild and began to ruin the furniture. Thanks for the funny comment, I had to laugh so much, that my cat got scared and hid under the couch 🙂

  2. Hello, i am looking for the bunny pattern but don’t find, please help, love your beauty works, thanks

    1. Hello Silvia, you can find the bunny pattern at “all my patterns” on the right side of my blog or you can find in my post “How to make a baby” or at the “miniami house patterns”. I wish you a lot of fun crocheting your baby!

  3. Hello and thanks for this wonderfull pattern !
    As I saw we could sell few of the finished products, I have a question : a french roller association in which I am could be interested in me crocheting the little roller skates and sell it on the occasion of a disco roller night where the price of everything sold (food, drinks, and maybe the crocheted roller skates) will be donate to a french cancer center.
    Would it bother you if I crochet the roller skates using your pattern and we sell them (there may be around 20 or 30 pairs of them) ?
    Have a nice day.

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