Elephant days

I always wanted to have a small elephant for the Miniami house, but what kept me from crocheting until now was the trunk. I did not want to sew it onto the head and I did not want to begin the head from the trunk.

A solution had to be found and I had an idea: Why not crochet the trunk to the head as well as the arms and legs? Of course I tried it immediately and the result even surprised me:

When you crochet the trunk to the head, a small mouth is formed by itself. And when you stuff the head, you should only give a little bit of fiberfill inside the trunk, which will give the elephant a forehead and it gets the typical shape of an elephant head.

Then I had another question: How would the Miniami residents look like if they are crocheted with a thicker wool? Since I had so much fun with making the elephant, I decided to use this pattern.The result you can see here, and the differences are huge:


The elephant on the left is made with Alize Lanagold (3,53 Oz – 262 yds) and he is 6,7 inches tall, In the middle you see the biggest elephant made with Alize Superlana maxi (3,53 Oz – 109 yds) and he is 10,2 inches tall.

On the far right is the Miniami elephant made from Catania Wool by Schachenmayr. He is 12 inches tall. The smallest elephant could be a keychain and the largest is almost a cuddly toy.

The big elephant asked for some accessories and so I made for all of them a headband and a skirt.

Just the
little one did not want to wear the headband. She said she would look so ridiculous wearing it! But with the hat she was very happy and I was able to make a photo with her!


PDF-Pattern for the elephant: Elephant Jojo
PDF-Pattern for the accessories: Hair band and skirt

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    1. I have tried to sew the trunk on the head and I didn’t like it. It is very easy to crochet it to the head and it looked like an elephant head. That’s what making Amigurumi is: trial and error 🙂

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