Emily goes for a walk

In the beginning of January a virus found his way to me and I got sick. The flu was overcome relatively quickly, but I still felt tired, without energy and listless. my body went on strike and I could not do anything against it. I was sad, because my goal this year was and still is: to get fit and lose a few kilos.


The only fitness of the day was a walk with the dogs. I felt better afterwards, but was exhausted for the rest of the day. I googled and found lot of positive things, and all that only” with a regular walk:

It relieves stress and depression, the immune system works better and cravings for chocolate are reduced. There are plenty of good hormones (endorphins), joints and muscles are trained, it boosts your metabolism and that in turn helps in weight loss

It’s very slow, but it is a good start, to get fit.

A few days ago Emily wanted to accompany me, but here in Greece it is still cold and she had no suitable clothes for the winter walk. So first I crocheted a few caps, that was easy and I had fun.

Which cap do you like best? For the first cap on the left I haven’t written a pattern. I used a pattern from Yarnspirations (Granny Stripes Hat). I changed the number of stitches starting in row 4. If you are interested, have a look over here (English): Yarnspirations


Then I made her a jacket, a scarf and boots Jipppiiii, we are ready to start!


The dogs are fighting over a deserted teddy bear … 

and I was able to make a few photos of Emily 🙂

And here are the patterns.

PDF-Pattern: Winter clothes for Emily


I feel better now and I’m already looking for good training videos. Well, my body might not be in shape now, but my will is unbroken.

I wish you much fun crocheting and see you soon, Karin


16 thoughts on “Emily goes for a walk”

    1. Thank you, every day I make a step forward and get healthier. What was new for me, was the slow recovering. Luckily I have my dogs, they are pushing me for a walk outside. Best regards, Karin

  1. get well soon friend….thank you for the pattern….keep up the good work….one foot in front of the other, so long as you are moving you are exercising. No one says you have to go full tilt boggie for 30 minutes. Replenish vitamin D with a walk in the sun. Get strong, heal….I look forward to your writings when you are well. And Emily as well.

      1. (whoops, just in case my reply didn’t go though, I’ll try to write it again)
        Oh, that’s so nice of you to say, Karin! I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and I am a secret fan of yours too! Your dolls always make me smile, and I especially love the cute stories you write about them 🙂

  2. This doll is amazing! I must say, I really look forward to seeing what else you’ll do for her, like turn her into a superhero, our make her into Adventurer Emily, or Special Agent Emily, or Witch Emily, Nurse Emily, Franken-Emily…. or just, you know, several boxes of awesome everyday clothes specially for Emily and her possible future hubby and kid/s…
    But anyway, whatever ends up happening with Emily, this doll has serious potential. Seriously, though, I’m sure you know how hard it is to find a good knit/crochet dress up doll, and Emily really does look to be one of the good ones. I honestly look forward to seeing what else you do next for her, and please, no matter what happens, don’t give up on her… at least not until you genuinely feel like she has a good enough amount of clothes or physically can crochet no further, but until that happens, I am very excited to see what you might come up with next for her…
    I can’t wait to getting around to crochet her, she’s so pretty! XD

    1. Hello Amber, thank you for this kind message. I have planned to make a lot of clothes and things for Emily. In between I publish other patterns, next will be Mo, the monsterboy. But then I return back to Emily 🙂

    1. I wrote to Craftsy and I’m sure that they will close the store. Thank you so much for the information, I received a lot of mails about this store and it made me very happy to see that people care about my patterns. I wish you a wonderful day and send you my best regards, Karin

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