Everything started with a snowball …

Actually I wanted to crochet a snowball for the Christmas tree. When I had done half, I had the idea to put a little angel in the ball.







IMG_7205So I started with the little angels. However, it quickly became clear that the little angel was too big for my snowball. So I started to make a bigger angel and at the end it was

a sweet girl Mailin!

Here she is:

Then I wanted a friend for Mailin and I crocheted Skyla.

The girls love to play in the snow …

and the pattern for them are here:

Mailin and Skyla

Snowball, basket and sledge

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas season!


7 thoughts on “Everything started with a snowball …”

    1. Hello Neesie, your words came at the right time. I crocheted a tiny elephant and I didn’t like the shape – that was my 4th try. Thank you so much, your message made me happy again!

    1. Hello Bianca, all the patterns are in German and English. If you can’t find them underneath the post, it is easier to go to “all my patterns” and have a look there. Just click at the word of the pattern name and a PDF opens up. Have fun!

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