Free crochet ladybug pattern

I am currently working a lot in the garden and you can find me there all day long with my grapevines. I found there a lot of the sweet little ladybirds. I got inspired by them and crocheted such a cute little guy.

Did you know that there are over 5000 different species of ladybugs? They come in many colors, yellow, orange, burgundy and even blue.

They are useful helpers in the garden as it frees trees and shrubs from aphids and thus protects the plants.
The ladybug is also considered a lucky charm because of the seven points on his back (the number seven is a lucky number). The seven points stand for the four elements and the number three of the Trinity.

My Ladybug needed a friend, so I made one for him. They immediately liked each other and decided to explore the garden.
The best known species of ladybugs is the seven-point. His wings are orange and dotted. Since there are ladybugs in all colors, you could crochet it in blue, why not try something new?
Here you see the two, as they conquer the garden:

At the end of the day, they got tired and they lay down and fell asleep together. What a beautiful ladybug life!

If you also want to crochet such a sweet lucky charm, then just click here:


A PDF document opens up and you can easily save the pattern on your PC or you can print it out.

Have fun, see you soon, Karin

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