Grape harvest and Halloween Decoration

End of September begins the most exciting time of the year in my vineyard – the vintage. It is important that it does not rain at the end of the ripening period, because the sugar content of the grapes decreases after a rain.

Last year, the whole harvest was destroyed by hail, so I was very happy that this time I didn’t have any problems.

Until the afternoon we had – together with a few helpers from the village – harvested the grapes and then we drove them to the squeezing machine.

In the squeezing machine, the stalks are separated and juice, fruit puddle, peel and grape seeds (mash) are pumped into a fermentation tank.

How does it go on? When fermented, the sugar of the grape juice becomes alcohol and the juice becomes wine. The fermentation process is constantly controlled and then the wine is transferred into barrels. This was a little informative insight into my work as a hobby-winemaker 🙂

Unfortunately then the time was too short to create an Amigurumi for Halloween. So I looked in the internet for a sweet design. I found a wonderful pattern for a bat on the blog of Lucy Ravenscar.

The pattern is available in English and German. On her blog you will find many free patterns for cute Amigurumi. Her blog is definitely worth a visit : Lucy Ravenscar: Bat pattern

The pattern is suitable for beginners and very well described. For the decoration you need a small branch, a vase or a bottle and a small amount of sand. I attached the bat to the branch with a transparent nylon thread.

The bat is about 6 cm tall with the wool Mouzakis Butterfly Super 10 (228 meters-249 yards / 125 g) and the crochet hook 2.5. I embroidered the eyes. I changed a small thing in the pattern for the wings: row 2, I skipped the first stitch.

dscn3460The pattern was a lot of fun and I made five bats. Otherwise, I’m just designing a monster for the design contest from Amigurumipatternsnet.

Just join in it is easy, you have to upload a photo of your crocheted self-made monster, fill in the registration and you’re already in the process! Good luck and see you soon!

Click here for the contest: Amigurumipatternsnet


3 thoughts on “Grape harvest and Halloween Decoration”

  1. So lovely! I used to live behind a vineyard growing up, but the grapes were always small and sour – not nice at all! I love your cute little hanging bats, and I’m so excited to hear you’re designing something for the monster competition too!

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