Gray, Gray, Gray, these are my clothes …

Actually I wanted to crochet a gray mouse, but then I decided to make my mouse with the color ecru. Now I had to decide about the colors for the dress, and I thought that gray with a contrasting color looks quite well.

I was afraid, that this looks a bit boring, but since the mice are striped with bright colors, I did not want to add too much color.

The mouse girl got two different dresses, a headband and a pair of shoes. On picture 1 and 2 you can see the clothes from the pattern of the Flower dress and on the third picture you can see the Sunday dress.

I call it Sunday dress because it reminded me that I was always dressed nicely as a child on Sundays. I did not like that, because I could not run around wild and had to look after my clothes, which was difficult for me.

First I crocheted a pair of pants and a jacket for the mouse boy. Then I crocheted a cap for him, but it looked a bit strange and that’s why he also got a headband.

Here you can see all the clothes for the mice:

img_20180310_124216-e1520687534559This sweet mouse made Nina. She crocheted it as a present for a little boy and I’m sure he’ll be very happy about it.

If you also want to show your mouse on my blog, just send an e-mail with your picture to

Here again is the pattern for the mouse: Crochet Pattern Mouse

Click here for the clothes for the mouse girl: Clothes mouse girl

and here for the mouse boy: Clothes mouse boy

I end this post with the words of Omar Khayyam, who was a Persian mathematician, astronomer and poet:

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.


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