How to make a baby (no, not what you think)

Around Christmas I had the idea of the Mini-Babies and the last few weeks I found the time to crochet them. The special thing about them: The arms are crocheted to the body and therefore they always sit at the right place.
But don’t be afraid of it: The pattern contains many pictures and I’ll explain everything step by step.

FotorCreated 1

If you don’t want to make animal babies, don’t put on ears or tails and tada a minibaby is created.

The kids desperately needed a bed, so I can put them to sleep. Actually I wanted a photo with five beds – a newborn nurserybut I ended up with three (my hand was hurting and I got bored with crocheting the same over and over again).

If you want to have a play set, it might be a nice idea to crochet also a small blanket and a pillow. And if your child is sick and have to stay in bed, you can give this set as a consolation.

But wait a minute, what’s this, the little rascals don’t want to go to sleep!


Oh no, they play wild games and soon they have to go to sleep.


I’ll call Hermione: “Hermiiiiooone, can you help me?”


Thank God, now the little rascals are asleep and you can crochet in peace!


PDF-Pattern for the Mini-Crib: Mini-Crib

PDF-Pattern for the Babies: Baby

Haakpatroon Nederlands: mini-baby-amilovesgurimi

12 thoughts on “How to make a baby (no, not what you think)”

  1. i love your mini babies and mini crib. you have the most adorable little ami’s. i can’t wait to make a few for my collection. thank you for sharing your talent.

    1. Thank you so much, Carrey. You would make me happy, if you decide to crochet an amigurumi with one of my patterns. If you need any help, just write me and I will answer as quick as possible. Have a nice day!

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