How to make a cozy armchair out of a plastic bottle

I have made so many tables and now I needed a cozy armchair. This is also a project that is suitable for beginners. The chair is made from the lower part of a Coca-Cola bottle, but you can also use a different bottle.

I have written the instructions very detailed, so you can easily adjust the pattern to the size of your bottle.

You will find the detailed instruction as a PDF download at the end of this post.


Draw with a marker the cutting line on your bottle, cut the shape out and spray or paint it with acrylic paint or spray paint .


The chair still looks still uncomfortable, so we start to crochet two parts, to make it really cozy.

This is the first crochet part that is placed into the chair:

now add a small pillow:


and you will have a very cozy armchair!

The chair is perfect for small dolls and of course for the animals in the Miniami house.

We wish you a nice time before Christmas!

Pattern: Bottle-armchair

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    1. Thank you Vanja, there are so many things to crochet, I will be busy for a long time until the house is finished. Now I’m working on some clothes for the little ones for Christmas and I have so much fun dressing them up.

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