How to make a Santa Clause … and a sledge

DSCN0429This time I will show you how to crochet a little Santa Claus – and I have a template for a sledge made of cardboard and chocolate.

You can fill the sled with a small gift or some handmade cookies.

Material for the sledge: a small chocolate bar, cardboard, glue and/or glue gun, 2 candy canes

I have used a chocolate with the size of 3.9 x 1,7 inches (10 x 4.5 cm)If you use a larger chocolate, then you must also enlarge the template for the sledge. In that case, use the doc-file and click on the image of the sled, now you can see small squares around the sledge.

Click on the small square in the corner (the aspect ratio will not change) with the right or left mouse button, hold mouse button and drag outwards.

That’s how it works: print out and transfer the template onto cardboard. Cut out the sledge, fold it and glue the sides together.

Wrapp and glue cardboard around the chocolate, then glue the sledge to the wrapped chocolate.



Glue the candy canes on the left and right side or to the bottom of the chocolate. Now put in an Amigurumi or a chocolate Santa Claus and load the sledge with a gift or sweets.

I had a lot of fun and I think it shows.


Then I needed a mini-sledge for my niece (she loves tiny things).


Well and in the end I have made a whole team for some nice people.


Crochet pattern: Santa Claus

PDF-Template: sledge

Doc file of the template to zoom: Schlitten/sledge


I wish you nice and not too hectic days until Christmas!

2 thoughts on “How to make a Santa Clause … and a sledge”

    1. This is a very fast project. Yesterday I have made the Santa Claus with very thick wool and it took me about 3 hours – and it turned out so sweet, better than the small one 🙂

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