How to make a washing machine … a washing machine?

For a long time I wanted to crochet a washing machine. Not one that only consists of a stuffed cube, no, I wanted a drum and a door to it. Since the washing machine, then can not be completely stuffed, I had to find a solution that the whole thing will be stable – and I wanted to make sure that everyone has the necessary materials at home.

This was a puzzle task, which was a lot of fun.
Here is the result:

The size of the washing machine is suitable for a Barbie doll …


… and the size fits very well for the Emily doll.

On the next picture you also see two washing baskets that Nina made for me. In my next post I will write the pattern for them.


One more tip: you can use any wool for your washing machine, just crochet all the sides exactly to the edge and then crochet all the pieces together. It is very easy. 

You need:
2 large plastic bottles (1.5 l)
Catania wool by Schachenmayr in white, with a small woolen rest in light blue and turquoise
Crochet hook 2.5
3 small buttons
1 pipe cleaner or 1 small piece of wire
Printer, paper, scissors, glue

First you have to print the craft template. Here you can find the PDF file:

Waschmaschine Teil 1 – Washing machine part 1
Waschmaschine Teil 2 – Washing machine part 2

Print out both parts, then roughly cut the drawing out and glue the paper on a thicker cardboard. Now you can cut out the shape along the edges. Also cut out the hole for the drum.

Do not cut out the sign for the washing powder box and the buttons. I drew them only for orientation from above and below.

Bend all the sides inward, so you can easily glue the pieces together. First glue the bottom and then start to glue the sides together. Do not glue the top part, first you must have to insert the drum and some fiberfill.

After that you need a big plastic bottle (1.5 l). The lower part of it we will use as a drum. Cut off the bottom piece at the height of 8.4 cm/3,3 inches and then put it inside your washing machine.

Now fill your washing machine with fiberfill, so that the drum can not slip and it also gains a little more stability. Then you can glue the top cover.

Then you need another plastic bottle. Just cut off the bottom part because that will be the door for the washing machine, see picture. It should be a little larger than the opening of the washing machine. The diameter of my door is 6.0 cm/2,3 inches.
DSCN5104 (2)
Now you can start crochet around the model. You find the pattern here as a PDF download:

Washing machine

Have fun with this unusual project!!!


Happy Easter ♥

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