How to make wings out of a plastic bottle

How to make wings for a doll? Of course you can crochet them, but you can also tinker the wings and you will have many different wings in a short time.

You will need: A large plastic bottle (1.5 l) or a big disposable plastic cup, household scissors, nail scissors, adhesive tape. Needle and rubber band for the straps.

1 and 2 Print the template for the wings, cut out the shape and glue them with adhesive tape on the bottle.
3 and 4 Cut the wings roughly out of the bottle and after that you can cut out easily the details – preferably with a curved nail scissors.

The templates are available as a PDF file and also as a doc file, so you can resize the wings.
Click on the file to open it and then print out the paper model on  paper.

Download here: Fairy and butterfly wings: PDF, Doc

Download here: Angel- and batwings: PDF, Doc

dscn3300Before you start to decorate the wings, you have to drill two holes with a sharp needle into the middle (see picture). After decoration you can pull the rubber band easier through the plastic material.


Option 1: Painting with nail polish
You will need: Nail polish, at least 2 different colors, the cut out plastic wings, 1 bowl filled with water, a foil dish is optimal because the paint get stuck to the bowl, 1 toothpick, paper towels.

1 and 2 Fill the bowl with water and drop at least 2 different nail polishes on the water.
3 Take the toothpick and mix the colors carefully. Now you must work fast, because the colors dry very quickly.
4 Dip the wings into the water, and let them dry on a paper towel for about 1 hour.

Option 2: Painting with acryl colors
You will need: 1 paintbrush, various acrylic paints
Just paint the wings how you like it and let them dry.

Option 3: Glueing on
You will need: glue and everything you can glue on: feathers, beads, glitter, felt, wool
I glued the feathers for the
angel wings from bottom to top. For the bat wings I used velours paper. Wool leftovers also look very nice, but the wings are heavier.

Option 4: Decoupage
You will need: napkins, napkin glue or wallpaper adhesive, clear coat
Glue the top layer of the napkin on the wings, then spray on the clear coat and let it dry.

dscn3318Now you just need to pull in the rubber band into the holes that you have made before decorating.The doll can wear the wings now like a backpack.

I made the doll with the orange dress with the pattern of Mailin and Skyla. For the other dolls I took the pattern of The princess and her clothes.

And if you are still reading this, I must congratulate you for your patience! If you prefer to crochet, then have a look at the small list with free patterns of crocheted wings:

Angel wings:
Fairy wings:
Butterfly wings:
Dragon wings:
Bat wings:


I wish you beautiful autumn days and a lot of fun with the wings!

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