How to stiffen a crochet laundry basket

In my last post I showed you how to make a washing machine. But for a perfect washing day you also need a laundry basket. This time Nina wrote a pattern for you and I’ll show you the further process so that it will be a stable toy.

To crochet the laundry basket you need: A crochet hook 2.5 mm, Catania wool by Schachenmayr, but you can use any wool you have at home. Since it is a small project, it is perfect for some wool residues.

Here is the pattern for the laundry basket:
PDF-Pattern: Laundry basket

Once you’ve crocheted the laundry basket, it’s time to stiffen it. Here is the material you need:
1. Glue: You can take any white craft glue that dries transparently. The glue that I used is called Atlacoll, which is a wood glue, which is also suitable for Styrofoam, cork, cardboard, etc.
2. A Bowl in which you can put the glue.
3. An old spoon or plastic spoon to mix the glue with a portion of water
4. A bottle that has an oval shape, for example, a shampoo bottle on which you can dry the laundry basket. Before you begin the process of stiffening, you should have already tested how your basket fits on the bottle.
5. Plastic sheet: If your bottle has a label out of paper, you should put a plastic sheet in the basket before you put the bottle inside it. Otherwise, the label may stain or hang on the inside of the basket.

First you have to make a water-glue mixture. Put the glue in the bowl and add a small amount of water. I mixed about 70% glue and 30% water. Stir this mixture with a spoon. The mixture is white and when it dries there will be a clear film around the fabric.

Now moisten the crochet piece with water. Squeeze out the extra water and then put it in the glue-water mixture. Knead the crochet piece a little bit inside the glue, so that the fiber soaks up.

Then take out the crochet piece, knead the basket a little bit again to remove the excess glue mixture.

Now you can put the basket over the bottom of your bottle. Let the basket dry for a few days. Everything that pass by can stick on it during the drying process, so if you have a cat at home, make sure you dry your basket cat-safe.

Tip: In my picture you can see that I have dried the basket without inserting a plastic sheet. When I removed the basket from the bottle, there was an imprint of the label. To avoid this, you should either replace the bottle label or insert a plastic sheet in the basket.

Once the basket has dried, you can remove it from the bottle. 

If you are wondering what you can do with it, look, here are some suggestions:

Ever wanted to give away a basket of sweets?


Or how about a sleeping place for babies, unicorns and frogs?

Together with the washing machine it is a great game set:


Oh, you will definitely think of many more uses:)
I wish you a wonderful spring time and a lot of fun with the laundry basket!


And here’s a big thank you to Nina, who made this pattern for us ♥

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