Icelandic horse Ragdoll

I had planned to crochet an elephant. But Terry, an Internet girlfriend had a brilliant idea: She suggested that I crochet an Iceland horse. When I saw pictures of the horses, I fell in love with these proud and beautiful horses. Look here:


The first horses were brought to Iceland by settlers around 900 AD. With these horses they were able to overcome long distances and difficult terrain.
Already 30 years later, around 930 AD, the Icelandic parliament banned the importation of other horses in order not to mix the breed characteristics.
Iceland horses are considered brave and proud. Their interaction with people is respectful and humble and their character is good and balanced.
Today there are about 78,000 horses in Iceland. But also in Greece, visitors can find Iceland horses, have a look here you can see the foals:

On the next picture you can see the Iceland horse. Since the legs are relatively thin compared to the rest of the body (based on the original) you have to stuff them tight so that the horse is able to stand up.

After you crocheted the horse, you can stick inside the legs a wooden skewer. If you set up the horse as a decoration, this is not a problem, but then it is not suitable as a toy for children.

This horse has a height of 25 cm/9,8 inches. I crocheted it with gradient yarn. Unfortunately the colors changed little, but it’s still become very unusual. I did not brush the mane and the tail, which reminds me of a vintage horse.
Großes Pferd bearbeitet

The same pattern, crocheted with Catania Schachenmayr. This Iceland horse is a little smaller, it is about 20 cm/7,8 inches high.
Catanai Pferd bearbeitet

Here you can see the foals again. They are about 14 cm high. First I crocheted the foal with light brown wool and short mane. Then I changed the pattern a bit to make it stouter and shortened the legs, so it looks more like the Icelandic horse.
Fohlen schwarz bearbeitet
braunes Fohlen bearbeitet
Helles Fohlen bearbeitet

If you feel like bringing such a great horse or a foal to your place, just go and grab your crochet hook and there you go:
DSCN4526English PDF pattern for the big Islandic horse: Icelandic horse

English PDF pattern for the foal: Foal

I would love to publish a children’s story once again. Maybe one or the other of you writes children’s stories that he wants to publish on my blog.

And here comes something special: I would design an amigurumi so that the little ones can play with a character that appears in the story. ! I’m looking forward to your ideas ! You are welcome to send your story to my e-mail address:


I wish you all wonderful and relaxing holidays!


12 thoughts on “Icelandic horse Ragdoll”

  1. I went to Iceland this past summer! What a beautiful place! And the people are so sweet and friendly! I can’t wait to start my Icelandic horse! It will bring back wonderful memories as we stayed on a horse farm near a volcano! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Oh, how wonderful and what a great trip!!! The country is unique and although I now know it only from pictures, I love it and one day I will sure visit it. Have fun crocheting your horse ♥

  2. Wonderful work!! I dream of acquiring this wonderful breed on my ranch. A couple of times I’ve seen Icelandic horses in person and in real life they are even more beautiful and noble than they are in pictures!

    1. I also felt in love with this horses. If you can get one of these horses, my heartfelt congratulations, they are great!

  3. I love this pattern, so cute!
    Thank you very much for sharing this pattern. <3

    I am from Iceland and I think this pattern is a good representation of the Icelandic horse.

    My dad got married this summer, I made 2 horses and added them to a frame with few hearts as my dad and his wife are big horse people and own a few horses.
    They loved this gift. Thank you for making this pattern.

    If you would like to see the gift I made, I have shared it on my website (and other social media) as well where I found the pattern.

    1. Thank you for sharing this nice story. I went to your website and I saw your beautiful gift for your dad and his wife. This was a wonderful idea and I’m glad that they loved your gift. ♥

  4. I am not a knitter, but would like to purchase one of these horses. I have a small Icelandic horse breeding farm in Alaska and am always looking for unique representations of the breed.

    Misty Bohnert
    Arctic Circle Icelandics
    Wasilla, AK

    1. Hello Misty,
      thanks for your interest. I wrote you an email. I will make you one of the small ones and send it to you. I love Icelandic horses!

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