“I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date!”

014Alice in Wonderland was released in 1865 and written by the mathematics professor Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who used the pseudonym Lewis Carroll.

The book is about Alice, who discovers a white rabbit that can talk and fears that it is too late. She follows the rabbit and ends up in Wonderland: Alice grows and shrinks, she meets the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare and the Mad Hatter.


Finally, she is in a court hearing in which the Jack of Hearts is accused because he has stolen the cake of the Queen of Hearts. Alice is called to the witness stand, but she grows and grows so that she fills up the whole courtroom with her body and causes chaos. Alice wakes up and is at home again.

035 (2)An incredible story, full of fantasy and crazy characters! Alice is a sweet girl and I think she fits well in the series of Bling Bling dolls“.

But this time I also was interested in how she would look as an Amigurumi and so I created both dolls. The PDF download contains the instructions for the Bling Bling Doll and for Amigurumi Alice.

Then Alice wanted to go back to Wonderland, to save all the prisoners there. We thought that the rabbit knows a way to get into the wonderland, so we went outside looking for him. And we searched everywhere:
In all fields and meadows,034
we looked in deep shafts,046 (2)
and searched in abandoned houses.051
We couldn’t find the rabbit but the entrance to Wonderland!012
Alice took her sister by the hand015 (2)
and they went in. I waited a little bit and when it finally got dark,
I went back home … and woke up 🙂
I wish you a wonderful summer!
And the next Bling Bling Doll is (she is evil and melts when she comes in contact with water)

Pattern: Alice

11 thoughts on ““I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date!””

  1. Karin, you’re on a roll! Both versions of your Alice are adorable. I thoroughly enjoyed the photo-narrative (may be a bit too much!). 😀 I love how you take your ami outdoors and always come up with amazing photos. Since I’m guessing the next bling bling doll is going to be a certain witch, I simply can’t wait for the photo-narrative. Oh, it’s going to be so much fun! 😀

    1. Hello Brenda, thank you for your nice comment. You can find the English pattern at the end of the post. Or you can go to the right side of the blog and there you find a button with “Bling Bling Doll Patterns”. I wish you much fun making them!

  2. I love Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I have a collectors book that has Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass and everything else Lewis Carroll wrote in it. Alice’s adventures (also through the looking glass) is truly an imaginative story. Most of the time while you are reading, the assumption of the author being on LSD occurs.

    1. While I was crocheting Alice, I listened to the story as an audio book. I also thought that 1. the author has taken any drugs or 2. he wrote down a dream he had. The story is confusing and at the same time fascinating – Alice in Wonderland influenced generations of writers and now also crocheters 🙂

  3. I love this doll so much! I seriously think it’s the cutest doll I’ve ever crocheted — thank you for the pattern! ❤

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