Interview mit Schauspielerin Mia

IMG_6418In the black comedy “Crazy Universe” plays the actress Mia, the brave and adapted “Aimee” in search of the perfect husband. Unfortunately, she realizes that her modest nature does not give her what she wants and changes her behavior more and more. In the end, she even goes over dead bodies.
Mia, what did you like about this role?

I chose the role more intuitively. Ultimately, however, I like the fact that Aimee outgrows herself and transcends borders. She transforms from a gray mouse to a beautiful and courageous woman. Unfortunately, she shoots past her target and becomes a hardened killer.

Were the dark sides of Aimee’s character a challenge?
Showing human abysses is always a challenge. Out of deep despair, the greatest anger arises. Out of love, infinite hatred can spring. I have already experienced both, though not in this intensive form.
What are you planning in the near future?
I will soon be in Berlin on the theater stage and I’m really looking forward to it.
Interview & Photos by K. Godinez
The sweet Mia is crocheted in no time. It is about 7 inches tall.


Pattern (only German): Anleitung Mia

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