Last-minute gift idea

Probably you have already bought or crocheted most of your gifts. But if you still need something at the last moment and I mean the very last moment then it might be worth thinking about making a small backpack.

You can crochet it very fast, the height is only 4,5 cm (1,77 inches). I crocheted the backpack for the animals in the Miniami house, but I think he also fits very well as a Christmas decoration or as a small gift.

You can fill it with money or a small homemade gift certificate for common activities like the Zoo, Museum, Park, Cinema, Swimming pool, Theater, Ice skating or you invite for a dinner, a spa visit, a concert, a picnic

I’m sure you have much more ideas!


And here is the pattern: Backpack

Only one thing is missing now: At the end of this year I would like to thank
Nic Jennings has so much talent and she helped me by editing my English stories. She surprised me with a lot of good ideas and even wrote a story for my blog (Always expect the unexpected)
Marianne Efinger is a writer and writes books for kids. She spontaneously wrote a wonderful children’s story (The little crab coconut) for my blog.
Nina Lazou has developed many ideas and designs for the Miniami house. Next year, we will see some of her patterns on my blog.
My husband inspires me and is my best critic. He made the International school for Bunnies and the Miniami house.

And I also would like to thank you, my readers and followers: You have sent me kind words and you followed me. Your words have brightened my day and I was very happy about every comment. You have motivated me again and again and there were a lot of small and big moments of happiness on my blog. THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts, that you have listened to me and that I’m able to share my ideas with you!

I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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10 thoughts on “Last-minute gift idea”

  1. The Miniami House looks so festive, and the backpacks are too cute! You always come up with such wonderful ideas, Karin. 🙂 Thank you for all the wonderful stories, patterns and inspiring ideas you shared with us this year. I know next year is going to be even more amazing around here. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, I’m always so happy to hear from you – another expert of Amigurumi. And yes, I have a lot of ideas for next year and I hope I will find the time to show them on my blog. Thank you so much for following me and giving me a lot of nice comments – you don’t know how much you motivated me this year with your feedback. Merry Chistmas and a happy New Year!

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