Little Princess Wardrobe

What does a princess need necessarily? A frog? A castle? A prince or a pea? No, the most important thing is a wardrobe, where she can hang all her beautiful dresses, because a princess must constantly change her clothes:

In the morning she needs a dress for her work: She writes letters to her friends and relatives all over the world, visits hospitals and opens exhibitions. For lunch she must change her clothes again, then she welcomes official guests and makes diplomatic conversation.

In the afternoon she has free time, and she has to change clothes for a visit at the stables or a walk in the park. And in the evening, she needs a beautiful dress, because she gives a speech at a charity gala, or visits a premiere or she goes to a ball.

Then she falls dead tired into her bed, Oh no, wait. she has to change her clothes again, and then she can go to sleep. You see, it is not so easy to be a princess!

So here is the absolutely required and very important wardrobe for the princess:

This is what you need: A shoebox with a foldable lid (a box with removable lid is also possible) and a few other little things, you will find a detailed PDF instruction at the end of the post.

The wardrobe is a simple project.

Glued and decorated it looks like this:

There are also hangers?

Of course!!! and a lot of dresses, here you can see a few of them. But that’s the preview for the next post 🙂


I wish you much fun making the wardrobe and I wish you beautiful and cozy autumn days.

Instructions: Wardrobe and hangers

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