Madagaskar and its lemurs

On a beautiful and far away island with rainforests and deserts, mangrove forests and palm beaches there you will find lemurs. The name of the island is Madagascar. Many species of lemurs live there, but the most famous (probably because of the movie with the same name) are the gray ring-tailed lemurs with their black and white striped tails.


What is so special about the lemurs? The females are the leaders of the group and they lead very peaceful, there are hardly any serious fights!

Of course I wanted to have a lemur.

If you also think they are lovely and cute animals, and you would like to make one, you find my patterns for Mama and Baby Lemur here:

Pattern for Mama Lemur and Pattern for Baby Lemur

Lemuren 2
If you want to know more about lemurs, then please have a look over on the side of the WWF. There is an interesting article about these wonderful but endangered animals WWF-Lemurs

7 thoughts on “Madagaskar and its lemurs”

  1. Oooh, they are just gorgeous!!!! My daughter loves these wonderful creatures and this will certainly my next crochet project ! Thank you very much for sharing your patterns!

  2. These are amazing!! My son adores Lemurs so the second I saw this pattern I knew I had to make at least the momma! So I did it as a surprise for my little man – finished article was handed over today – was a massive success!! Thank you so much for sharing!

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