Miniami patterns

Anleitung: Murphy
Pattern: Murphy

034Anleitung: Hermine
Pattern: Hermione

199Anleitung: Carla
Pattern: Carla

Anleitung: Fu Hu
Pattern: Fu Hu

Fotor StuhlAnleitung: Kleiner Stuhl
Pattern: Little chair

Anleitung: Mini-Tisch
Pattern: Mini-table

Fotor1123155626Anleitung: Bottle-Tisch
Pattern: Bottle-Table

Anleitung: Bottle-Sessel
Pattern: Bottle-armchair

???????????????????????????????Anleitung: Rucksack
Pattern: Backpack

Anleitung: Badewanne
Pattern: Bathtub

Anleitung: Bademantel und Hausschuhe
Pattern: Bathrobe and slippers

Anleitung: Babybett
Pattern: Mini-Crib

Anleitung: Baby
Pattern: Baby
Haakpatroon Nederlands: mini-baby-amilovesgurimi

Anleitung: Ballerinas, Boots, Rollschuhe
Pattern: Ballerinas, Boots and Roller Skates

Anleitung: Elefant Jojo
Anleitung: Haarband und Rock
Pattern: Elephant Jojo
Pattern: Hair band and skirt


10 Gedanken zu “Miniami patterns

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  3. WOW! WOW! WOW! Sooooooo adorable!!! What sweet little things you have made and to just GIVE them away to us? You are SO KIND!
    I love EVERYTHING you have made but the tiny animals and those CRIBS are to die for!
    I love love love the furnature.
    Keep up the beautiful work because you are so talented!
    Best Regards, Marcy

    • Oh Marcy, you wrote just at the perfect moment to make me feel good. I sit here and my shoulder hurts so much, because I have an inflammation there. My doctor told me not to move for another week and I’m so sad about this. But I just had to write you to let you know, how much nice words can help in a difficult situation. Thank you so much for your kind message, I wish you a wonderful day and good times, Karin

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