Nessie sighted – in Greece :)

My niece saw on television a report about the Loch Ness monster in Scotland and she was fascinated by the story: Nessie is a monster that, despite many efforts, nobody was able to find it and there are still speculations as to whether it really exists.


1933 it was sighted for the first time by the couple Mackay. They saw two dark humps moving through the water. Mrs. Mackay described it as “a rolling and giant animal that submerged before it reached the opposite coast.”

A local newspaper wrote an article about this “monster” – the search for it began and Nessie became famous.


I wanted to surprise my niece and so I searched on the Internet for a pattern for Nessie. One beautiful design caught my eye: Nessie by Jessica Ruse on her blog “26 Donuts”.


The pattern is well described and also suitable for beginners. Only one round is somewhat more demanding (the one with the horns). If you have any questions about the pattern, I’m sure Jessica will be happy to help you.


English pattern from Jessica on Ravelry and on her Blog 26 Donuts
 Hello Jessica, thank you so much for this beautiful pattern ♥

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