New Pattern: Small rabbit

I wanted to crochet a little rabbit for a long time. It was supposed to look like a real rabbit and I wanted to sew as few pieces as possible. I tried this once in the spring, but I was not really happy with my result.

Actually, I did not want to pick up again the subject with the rabbit. I had realized that it is not possible, not as I imagined. Sometimes the pattern was too complicated, sometimes it did not look like a rabbit. So I put it in my basket for failed attempts and unhooked the topic.

Until then the curiosity grabbed me again and I started another attempt. All the difficulties, that I thought I could not overcome, suddenly disappeared and I crocheted the rabbit as if I had a pattern in front of me. It was magic. Who knows, maybe I will crochet also a magic hat … but then maybe the rabbit will disappear 🙂

Sandy from the US helped me to write down the pattern flawlessly. She searched for all sorts of mistakes and found what she was looking for 🙂 She was very thorough and I learned a lot from her, which will be very useful to me in my further patterns. THANK YOU, Sandy !!!

Here you can see the cute rabbit she had crocheted. She crocheted the rabbit in one color and changed the tail, which I also like very much!

The pattern starts at the head. Then the body and the legs are crocheted to it. You should already have some experience with crocheting Amigurumi to make this rabbit. It could be a problem for beginners as it involves some techniques that go beyond simple round crocheting.

Here you can see a few of my rabbits with the yarn size “Bulky” 100 g about 130 m. These are about 12 cm / 4,7 inches long.

And here with Catania wool, about 7 cm / 2,7 inches long.

And here you will find the pattern as a PDF download:
Crochet Pattern Rabbit

If you start sweating with this pattern, then “Keep calm and eat ice cream”, or write me an email. Hugs, Karin ♥

3 thoughts on “New Pattern: Small rabbit”

  1. Karin,
    You’re very welcome! Gern geschehen! Such sweet little bunnies! Sehr süße kleine Häschen!
    Sandy aus USA

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