Ninja and Kunoichi

The art of the Ninja is immensely popular and many people believe they have superhuman abilities. But to reach this level of skill the Ninja have been in exhaustive training from early childhood.
They had to be able to climb and swim while fully equipped and run great distances. They also had to have medical knowledge to heal their own wounds and they had to be able to handle any difficult situation they might meet.

So the Ninja not only learned fighting techniques but also spiritual and mental control. This was especially so of the female Ninja – the Kunoichi – who had extra training in behavioural and psychological manipulation.
About this training I’ll tell you a little story:
One of the famous Ninja masters once decided to give his pupils an unusual test. He called them together and said:
“This afternoon I will be examining you. It is vitally important that you rest and conserve your strength for this test.
However, it will be much harder for one of you as you will be tied to a tree and must have nothing to eat or drink until the exam starts. The other two must act as your guardians and ensure that these rules are scrupulously observed.”
The young Ninja Toshiro bravely volunteered to be bound to the tree. Kimiko and Ayumi were set to watch him. It wasn’t long before Ayumi started to have misgivings. She whispered to Kimiko “I must talk to you in private.”
They walked a short distance from the tree and Ayumi said, “Kimiko, my dear, I don’t know about you but I can’t just stand here and watch our good friend Toshiro tied to a tree and starving.”
“Don’t you remember what the Master said? We must obey him or risk his wrath”, said Kimiko. She took a step back and added “I will abide by our Master’s rules. I don’t think it will hurt Toshiro too much to starve for a while.”
Ayumi thought for a moment and then agreed, “You’re right about not making our Master angry before we even start the examination. But you look tired, maybe you should take a break and go and find something to eat. I’ll keep watch over Toshiro while you’re gone.”
Kimiko readily agreed to this, so Ayumi had the opportunity to help Toshiro. She gave him some bread to keep his strength up for the coming exam.
“Here, take a few bites of this”, she said, “Kimiko can’t see and I won’t betray you – no one will ever know.”
At first Toshiro refused but eventually his hunger pangs took over so he ate a little. Unfortunately he didn’t feel better for it, his stomach was fine but his conscience was bothering him badly.
Later that afternoon the Master called his students. They stood there waiting for the exam to start but their Master said:
“The exam is over. I will inform you of the results tonight.”
Ayumi flushed and was nervous as she realized that she had broken the rules. Kimiko, on the other hand, laughed out loud and joked about how easy the exam had been. Guarding Toshiro was no big deal.
That night, the Master spoke first to Toshiro and Ayumi.
“You were both disobedient and must be punished. Nevertheless, you have passed this exam.”
Ayumi couldn’t believe her ears; she had been worrying herself sick and almost burst into tears of relief.
“Now send Kimiko to me!”
“Kimiko, you have failed this test. In the world of shinobi breaking the rules is a dreadful error, but to leave your colleagues in the lurch is 1000 times worse.
You followed the rules but have shown no compassion. A ninja must also think with their heart and never leave a friend in distress. Go now and meditate on this lesson.”
The next day the master handed out the penalties.
Kimiko had to bake 1000 loaves of bread and distribute them to the poor people in the city.
Toshiro and Ayumi had to carry the bread to the city.

Inspired by Jirawat Sae-Tang (

Pattern for the Ninja: Ninja

20 thoughts on “Ninja and Kunoichi”

  1. FIrst saw your post on FB and voted for Kimiko,. Now that I have red the whole story, taking my vote back 😀
    Great pattern and great story Karin. Love to read your posts and as always enjoyed every letter of it. Thank you very much for sharing your creative spirit with us.
    Hugs from your friends Vanja

    1. Thank you so much and I’m happy that you like the pattern and the story. But don’t be so hard with Kimiko. She did what a lot of people do every day without thinking about it: Following cruel rules because of beeing afraid of the consequences, when they don’t folllow them. Even though they know that someone else may have disadvantages. But I’m sure, Kimiko has learned her lesson 🙂

  2. You spin amazing tales out of yarn, Karin! Loved the story, the character design, and the set (especially the one where Toshiro is tied to a tree). You always put in so much of love (and hard work) into your posts, and it shows! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Serah! It is a lot of work, like you surely know, until a design is finished, and tested, and the pattern is written …
      but I love every minute of it. I love to create stories and Amigurumi and I found a way to combine this. And I’m so happy that I can share this with all the people who visit my blog.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. I am amazed at the hard work you put into these stories! All the little details you’ve included make me love these characters all the more. You are so creative and talented!

  4. It’s so nice to get such a wonderful comment from you. I love your blog and especially your post “The Mystery of the the Rainbow”.
    I would have liked to publish the story of the Ninja also as a comic, but because my blog is bilingual, the lyrics would have been too long in the speech bubble. Thanks for visiting me!

  5. I love your patterns and stories! Thank you so much for sharing!! You are very talented!

  6. Awesome pattern and story! I have a question. On page 7 of the pattern – under SWORD – Round 5 says 2 x KM … what does ‘KM’ mean? Thank-you for your help! You are very talented.

    1. Thank you so much Carol for your help to cut out the mistakes and your nice comment. Of course I meant 2 x sl st, it was a mistake from the translation and I hope everything is understandable now. I have changed this now in the pattern, thanks again and have a nice day 🙂

  7. I absolutely LOVE your ninja’s and the story really brings them all to life. Thank you so much for sharing. Can I ask if you have a pattern for the wee black and white dog? It is the double of our wee dog when she was a pup, she passed away just after xmas she was 14 🙁 I would like to make my family members and myself one each for key rings to help heal our hearts. Thank you again, Sharon xx

    1. Dear Sharon, I feel so sorry for you and I know how it feels like, when you loose a friend. One of my dogs died before Christmas. He was so young and he died because somebody through some poison in the garden. It took me a while to answer you, because I was searching for the pattern and I couldn’t find it anymore. I’m so sorry about that and I was hoping that I would be able to help you. Best regards, Karin

    1. Hello Teretta, I mostly use Schachenmayr Catania or Mouzakis Butterfly Super 10. But you can use any yarn you wish. I wish you many happy hours with crocheting your Amigurumi!

  8. I am having difficulty with row 26 for the ninja girl body. I am not getting the correct number of stitches. If I do the repeat twice it totals 46 not 34. Can you help me?

    1. Hello Melissa,
      yes, you found a mistake. Thank you for telling me. Please crochet in Round 26 for the girl: 3 x sc, inc, (4 x sc, inc) x 2, 3 x sc, inc, (4 x sc, inc) x 2 That makes 34 stitches.
      Have a nice day and best regards, Karin

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