Peppa, the little piggy-girl

dscn3770When I first saw Peppa, the little piggy-girl, I wondered that Peppa had so many fans. I thought, she did not look sooo cute. My niece agreed with me – Peppa is a design that is made for small children.

The television series was very successful, broadcast in 180 countries and received the main prize as the best TV production at the International Festival of Animated Film in Annecy and many other prizes. But that did not change my feelings.

Until one day, where I saw the little piggy in the supermarket and somehow I fell in love with Peppa. I changed my mind and I thought that she is so cute that it would be wonderful to have her as an Amigurumi. The other day I grabbed my crochet hook and started to make a pattern for Peppa.

But somehow I did not manage to write down the pattern for Peppa and to crochet her one more time to make sure, that there aren’t mistakes in the pattern. My enthusiasm was simply gone and I put the project in a box.

Until my niece found the box. Usually she is a quiet girl, but that day she was delighted and cuddled the little Peppa. And suddenly I felt it again: the love for Peppa! Well, tastes can change quite fast in our house 🙂

Here is the curious and imaginative Peppa, who likes to jump over the puddles after a rain:

And since we have only a few weeks until Christmas, I crocheted for the two Peppa’s a Santa Claus hat:

dscn3809Click on the name “Peppa” and the PDF pattern opens up. You can save it on the computer or print it out.


Have Fun with Peppa!

PDF-Pattern: Peppa

7 thoughts on “Peppa, the little piggy-girl”

  1. Oh my goodness – you made Peppa!!! My little baby girl adores watching Peppa Pig (I love it, too). Even my husband enjoys it (his favourite character is George). Haha, your Peppa ami is too cute! I agree, at first I didn’t understand why this funny little piggy was so popular, but the cartoon show is adorable, and all the characters are incredibly likeable. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful designs and talents ^_^

    1. I think I had to get used to the eyes on one side. I made the Amigurumi with the eyes on both sides, like the plush toy I saw. The cartoon is so funny and I also love the other characters there. They all laugh a lot and it makes you happy watching it. I also love Rebecca Coniglio and all the other friends.

    1. “Eigentlich ganz niedlich”, das trifft es genau. Was mich etwas irritiert hat war, dass Peppa in der Serie mit beiden Augen auf einer Seite gezeigt wurde – absolut nicht süß. Aber als Plüschfigur mit den Augen links und rechts fand ich das Schweinchen dann doch wieder goldig.

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