Smart Cats

“Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.”  Jeff Valdez.

 After I read that, I wanted to check it out for myself. “Mailiiiiin” I shouted, “call the dogs, we need to find out something.” Mailin whistled for the dogs and we tied them to the sledge.

As expected, they pulled the sledge obediently through the snow.

“And now”, I said, “let’s do the same with the cats.”

Mailin called for the cats. Not a single cat came. She lured them with kind words, with food, she scolded – then we went to look for the cats. Finally, we found them in front of their house.


They purred a little, as we tied them to the sledge.


Mailin clicked her tongue and called hopefully: “Let’s go, you velvet paws, let’s have a nice sledge ride.” After a while, when nothing happened, she shouted angrily. “Come on you lazy pussycats.” The cats giggled and licked their paws.

Then they played with the harness and tangled it up hopelessly.

It took a while for Mailin to release the cats. She was about to give up, but then she had an idea!

Dear Jeff Valdez, it’s possible! The cats were fascinated by the fish for exactly 3 minutes and they pulled the sledge – but only a little way.

Finally, we brought them back into the house, where they settled down peacefully.

 The pattern: Smart Cats

3 thoughts on “Smart Cats”

  1. love your smart cats,and the story… do you have a pattern for Mailin’s dogs ? would love to have them. Thank you…..☺

    1. Dear Bette, I have the pattern for the dogs in the back, but only in German yet. The other dogs are from the book Ami Ami dogs. But I will keep it on my mind for this year and – if I find the time – I will make some dogs.

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