How to make a Santa Clause … and a sledge

DSCN0429This time I will show you how to crochet a little Santa Claus – and I have a template for a sledge made of cardboard and chocolate.

You can fill the sled with a small gift or some handmade cookies.

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A Santa Claus in the chimney

There are only a few more weeks until Christmas and the searching for Christmas gifts has begun.

And maybe you need also a small gift for St. Nicholas Day. Or you play Secret Santa or have colleagues, friends, dear people whom you want to give a small gift. Kindergarten festivals, school parties, celebration with colleagues the list is endless.

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A Minotaur in New York


The Amigurumi exhibition in New York ( begins on 11 December. I take part and my little package is already on the way there.

This time the organizers of the exhibition wanted to show how the Amigurmi culture is developing in each area of the world and they asked for a characteristic or feature of the country or local area.

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The princess and her clothes

DSCN0002A few weeks ago I wrote a letter to the Princess, and asked if she would like to present her clothes on my page in the internet. She said yes and gave me a date for the photo shoot.

I was so happy, because up to now I have seen only the official pictures of her and her castle. We arranged to meet early in the morning and when the day finally arrived, I rang the bell at the castle gate and a servant opened the door.

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Autumn Girls

DSCN9466Hurra, soon the autumn begins in the northern hemisphere this also includes Europe, on 22. or 23. September.

Here in Greece it is still very hot (86 F) but the nights are a little bit cooler.

The rays of sunlight have lost a bit of energy  for which I am very grateful and the days are getting shorter.

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Blog Birthday and a look behind the scenes

Bloggeburtstag 004A few days ago my girlfriend Nina surprised me with this sweet Amigurumi cake for my 2nd Blog birthday. I was very happy about it, and I wanted to show you this wonderful cake!

Two years ago I wrote the first post, and since then, I have written more than 47 articles and made almost as many instructions.

Meanwhile, I have received more than 250 comments from you! Thank you for your loyalty, your comments, and that you have been with me all this time!

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Gorjuss – the last Bling Bling Doll

DSCN8941The paintings of the Gorjuss Girls are unique. You can find the works of the artist Suzanne Woolcott in galleries all around the world.

Even though she paints the girls without detailed faces, you can see a lot of emotions and love in her art.

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We’re off to see the Wizard

imageedit_27_4587041284The Wizard of Ozis considered a classic and is one of the finest and most successful Hollywood musicals of film history: A tornado takes the fourteen year old Dorothy from Kansas to the magical land of Oz.

There she finds out, that she can only find her way back home with the help of the Wizard of Oz.

Accompanied by a scarecrow, a tin man and a lion, she follows the road to the castle of the wizard, but the Wicked Witch of the West tries to stop them

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