Bathing day

I hope, I will be able to share my stories and instructions again this year. I have some ideas that I would like to make and there will also be some more patterns for the Miniami house: I will add a few new animals and I‘ll try to crochet small pieces of furniture. I hope that I’ll find the time to implement all my plans.

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The Little Crab Coconut – Part 2

Now finally the story from Marianne Efinger continues – and this time I have a lot of patterns. In the past three weeks it was pretty hectic for me I had a lot of work in the laboratory and even a lot more work in the vineyard.

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The Little Crab Coconut – Part 1

I am so happy with this story from Marianne Efinger, a children’s book author, which she wrote for my blog and all amigurumi fans. The story is about a crab which is quite unhappy about her shell and an octopus, who wishes to help her.

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Die Spinnenflüsterin

IMG_6238Are you afraid of spiders? Do you care if these animals are in the apartment? I’m not too happy at the thought that I could accommodate a spider as a roommate.

Maybe it crawls over my face at night and creeps into my ears, uuuh! Should you experience this spidery state of emergency, then you will now receive help from a very special creature: Arachnea

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