The Eggmobiles

Do you know how the Easter Bunnies brought their eggs to you? They shouldered a huge basket on their back and walked over long distances.

The time has left its mark also on the Easter Bunnies. For quite some time they have Eggmobiles.

These are small vehicles designed for only one person and they look like little eggs. So they go throughout the year across the country and visit friends or organize races.

But at Easter they take out the trailer and transport their eggs.

Even a heavy load is possible with the trailer.

And on sunny days, they invite their girlfriends for a picnic. This is causing a stir and the familiar question raises: What should I wear?

If everything is ok, the Easter Bunnies climb onto the trailer and enjoy the ride.


The patterns for the cute little bunny dresses and mini eggs are from my friend Nina Lazou. She is very talented and I am so happy that I can share her pattern with you.

The instructions for the little bunny can be found in my post How to make a baby.

I wish you a wonderful Easter and a lot of fun with your Eggmobile.

PDF-Pattern: Eggmobile with trailer

Haakpatroon Nederlands: ei-wagen-en-aanhangwagen

PDF-Pattern from Nina: Dress and Mini-eggs

Haakpatroon Nederlands: jurkje-en-eitjes

15 thoughts on “The Eggmobiles”

  1. You never cease to amaze us, Karin. Eggmobiles! Who would have thought of that. And what fun pictures! After a tiring day, I came here to read this post and it’s made me feel so much better.:D Your posts are always such a treat. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. Maybe one day the Miniami residents will meet Hodge and Podge and they will really have a wonderful time together. I wish you a wonderful and happy spring season!

  2. Bonjour, je vous regarde depuis la France, j’adore ce que vous faites. Merci pour votre générosité.

  3. These are awesome! You and your friend are so talented! Thank you so very much for the pattern, and I love that they are in PDFs so I can put them on my kindle and have them even without Internet!

  4. 😀 Your eggmobiles made me smile. And those cute little dresses for the girls that hop up on the trailer…. what fabulous ideas you have Karin!
    Love them! Love them!
    Thank you!

  5. Hi thanks so much for all your beautiful patterns.
    Im currently making the Easter tractor and trailor bu I can’t find the pattern for the baby bunny to drive the tractor. Can you please please tell me where I can find this. Many thanks so much Sharon

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