The little snowman

If you find a free hour here and there in the busy Christmas season, then maybe it would be a good idea to relax by crocheting the snowman – or sit down in a cozy armchair, read the story with your family and forget for a while everything around you.


Here’s a little preview of the story:
It was the middle of winter and the snow had been falling for days. The earth was covered in glistening snow and the children in the city built a snowman
in the city park. They played the whole afternoon with him.
They put a cap on his head and wrapped a scarf around his neck and pushed in a carrot for a nose.
Then they danced around him singing songs and laughing. When it started to get dark, the children had to go home and a silence fell around the little snowman.
He was sad because he had had so much fun that afternoon and now he was lonely. After a while a dog came by. But the dog only lifted his leg and peed on him.
“Hey, what did you do that for?” asked the little snowman.

The snowman crochet pattern in English: Snowman
and for the bird: Bird

Pattern for the dog: The old dog
And a children’s story with this snowman: The Little Snowman

This pattern has been translated into Dutch, thanks to the Team of the Blog: Haak met ons mee

Nederlandse Haakpatronen: de-kleine-sneeuwman-nederlands

13 thoughts on “The little snowman”

  1. Is there a pattern for the puppy in English? I would love it but don’t read or speak German.
    Thank you for any help you can give me!!

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