The Monster-Hunters need your vote!

For some time I had the desire to change my previous blog design and replace it with a fresher look. Finally I found a design that I like very much. There is also a “Donate” button, so you can support me and my blog and my future projects.

I will write more about that in my next post. And you can translate the blog into many languages with Google Translate. I wish you much fun while browsing and hope that you will continue to visit me.

The vote for the design contest of is now open! This years theme was “Monsters”. You only had to create a monster of your own design and make a photo. I participated and now I’m curious how you like my design.

But first the story: Joe and Moe grew up quite normal in the monster world. They had fun and hid different things – preferably keys – and they loved to scare people. Everything quite harmless, but then their grandmother was attacked and killed by an insane and vicious monster named “Moldclaw”.

They swore revenge and they managed to kill the dangerous beast. When this became known, a lot of other people from around the world asked for help and Joe and Moe decided to fight against evil.

What, these are the Monster-Hunters? They look more like two cozy grandfathers…
It’s best to put your caps on.


Well, this looks much better, but still not like Monster-Hunters.


Wow, where did you get the masks from? Get your weapons, you have to go to They called for help, there are many crazy monsters …

Not bad, turn around! Now go hunting the Mooonsters!


From 3 December to 10 December you can choose your favorite monster on Click on the heart of your 5 favorite monsters, then a window opens and you can enter your name and e-mail address, otherwise your vote will not count.

Of course I need all the encouragement and support I can get from you! If you like my monster, you can cast your vote for Joe & Moe here: Joe & Moe the Monster-Hunters

Thanks and have fun!


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