The princess and her clothes

DSCN0002A few weeks ago I wrote a letter to the Princess, and asked if she would like to present her clothes on my page in the internet. She said yes and gave me a date for the photo shoot.

I was so happy, because up to now I have seen only the official pictures of her and her castle. We arranged to meet early in the morning and when the day finally arrived, I rang the bell at the castle gate and a servant opened the door.

The princess had just woken up and she was not very lively.


But then she got up and had a good yawn (I had to suppress a yawn, isn’t it contagious?) and looked at me teasingly: Oh, today I can’t be bothered, can you come back tomorrow?”


I was disappointed, who knows something about princesses and their moods? But she laughed and went to the wardrobe:”Tricked!”


Oh, when they hang in the closet you can not see how beautiful they are. Are you ready for a fashion show? Hell yeah!!!


She told me for which occasion each dress is suitable and I wrote everything in my notebook and took pictures.

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We laughed a lot, fooled around and it was great fun. After about 2 hours she had the next appointment and I had to say goodbye, unfortunately.


I wish you just as much fun with the princess and her clothes!

Pattern: The princess and her clothes

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