The story of the kind Mo, who wanted to be a real monster

Some time ago I was looking for someone who wanted to start with me a joint project. I wanted to crochet an Amigurumi and was looking for a talented story writer, who would love to write a children’s story for the doll.

And as chance would have it, a blog caught my attention. I saw there witty Amigurumi and blogger, Doris, wrote so funny and entertaining that I laughed out loud when I read her stories. I enjoyed all her well written articles. That was exactly what I was looking for! So I asked her and Doris wanted to participate.

I am very grateful for her spontaneity, her time and her talent, she put into this project!!! You can visit her nice blog (German) here: Reboka Regenbogenkaktus or you can also meet her on Facebook.

Mo erste Version

Mia erste Version






We started: I painted two monsters (you can see the very first designs on the left and right side) crocheted and unraveled and Doris wrote and worked meticulously on the story.

The result is a wonderful tale of the monster Mo, which is actually much too pretty for the monster world. Mo wants to look scary and be just as wild and bad as the other monsters. As he does not succeed and is therefore very sad, he meets Mia, which is also not a typical monster girl. Mia wants to help Mo and asks him:

“How can you do something that you think is not right?”
(This is a question that we can sometimes ask ourselves )

What Mo responds and how it all began, you can read here (PDF file): 
The story of the kind Mo, who wanted to be a real monster

There are two people, which I am also very grateful: Nic: She edited the English version very well and brought the monsters to life. Thomas Kalitsaris: He sketched many beautiful pictures for the story. You can copy the pictures here, they are nice for coloring.

I was also busy. First I crocheted Mia and then the little monster Mo. One day Robert Appelboom (his brilliant website🙁2000 Free Amigurumi Patterns) asked me, if I have a pattern for an Amigurumi book, he planned to publish   of course I had and Mia found her way into the book Fun and Easy Amigurumi!

But now, here it comes, the book is translated into German! Here you can see the book preview Häkelspaß mit Amigurumi and you can order your book here:

Would you like to meet Mia? Well, today it’s exciting! Here you can see the monster girl Mia from the book:

amigurumi page03 (2)

And here is Mia on my sofa! She looked at me with a loving gaze and asked me if she could invite her friend. Honestly, who could resist her?


So I called Nina, my girlfriend, and asked her, if her monster-girl Lea would like to visit my Mia. Of course she wanted (they are best friends)!
They spent a wonderful and relaxing afternoon together. Later, when her friend Lea was gone, the doorbell rang again.

And who was standing there? Do you know him? Sure, that’s Mo! He wanted to visit Mia to talk about the latest gossip.

Hey Mia, I‘ve heard that you’re famous now they said your photo is in a book.” Mia giggled, Yes, look here, that’s me! She showed him the book. “Wow, you’re a fashion model!!!marveled Mo. Mia wanted to tell him that this is actually a Amigurumi-Pattern, but then she thought that the explanation would be too complicated. She just laughed, “Yes, as you can see, I have the most curvaceous body of Monster world! Hi, hi 🙂

They laughed and joked until it was late and then Mo went back to the monsterworld.

Phew, this was a really long post, and thank you that you are still here and read this, because now I have a surprise for you: In my next post I give you the pattern for Mo. And it is totally free!

So visit me again, I’m looking forward to it!

15 thoughts on “The story of the kind Mo, who wanted to be a real monster”

  1. What a wonderful idea – I look forward to seeing Mia’s pattern 🙂
    I, too, have written a children’s story, about an alien, rather than a monster, but hadn’t thought of translating it into crochet – well done you for being able to do that 🙂

    1. Only the pattern of Mo is free and hopefully soon you can get it here from my blog. I’m always looking for a good story! If you want, we can start the next project together ♥

      1. Now that sounds great 🙂
        Unfortunately, I’ve been waiting for my daughter to draw the pictures I want for my story, but she’s so busy, she still hasn’t made a start – but the story itself is complete.
        We’ll have to organise me sending it to you – maybe you’ll have some ideas, as I think it would lend itself to crochet work 🙂

  2. Wow, this is huge!!! Not only have you made the most adorable monsters in the world, but they also have their own cartoon and one is even featured in a book! This is sooo cool and such a wonderful achievement – you are so creative! My sister is an illustrator, and I’m also hoping to create patterns related to her future children’s books ^_^ It’s so much fun to have cute little stories to go along with the amigurumi

    1. It’s so much fun to write a children’s story, your creativity and imagination has no limits. This time the story comes from Doris, she is such a great talent and I’m so glad that she let me publish her story.
      And if you have also make an Amigurumi that goes with the story, you will make a lot of kids very happy. I wish you and your sister good luck with your project!

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